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Solar PV FAQ's - Myth Busting

How does a Solar PV System work?


PVC cells are made from layers of semi-conduction material. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers. The stronger the sunshine the more electricity is produced. The groups of cells are mounted together to create the solar panels ready for installation on the ground or a roof.


The power of the cells within the solar panel are measured in kilowatts peak know as (kwp) on your electricity statement. This is the rate at which they generate electricity.


The electricity generated is then passed through the inverter which then supplies the household or business with electricity. Any un-used electricity is sent back to the grid.


What is the Feed in Tariff and how does that work?

The Feed in Tariff or FIT is a financial incentive backed by the government and is paid from your electricity supplier. This is to encourage you to create your own clean electricity. Every KWH of energy that your system produces generates a fixed income regardless of whether you use it or not and any electricity not consumed can be sold back to the grid.

See our feed in tariff page for more information.


Do Solar Panels only work when the Sun shining?

No solar panels require daylight to work so even when the sun isn’t shining your still generating.


Can I still have Solar Panels if I have shading over my roof?

Shading from other buildings close to your property, trees and cables can have an impact on your solar panel system, but there are technologies out there now that can help with shading so please give us a call to discuss do not be put off.


How much roof space do I need?

This depends on what type and size of system you require, we install bigger wattage panels to overcome smaller roof spaces technology is always changing so please give us call.


Can I only have the panels installed on my roof?

No they can be installed on the ground using a ground mounted system or your garage or shed depending on how solid the structure is.


How long do Solar Panel Systems last?

They have a life expectancy of over 20 years, the manufacturer warranties start at 5 years with some going up to 20 years.


How much do they cost?

A lot less than you think with most systems paying back within 5-7 years, it all depends on your property type, style of roof, size of roof etc. Call us now for a free chat and quote.


How much energy to solar panels generate?

It is not possible to provide an estimate of what your system will generate without first knowing what size of system we can fit onto your property. But here are the main factors that affect how much energy your system will generate:


  • The number of panels we can fit on your roof/ground
  • Shading
  • Angle the panels are mounted
  • Location of your property Carlisle to London
  • Direction the panels face ie: South, South East etc


What is the payback time for the Solar Panel System?

We would expect a standard system to payback within 5-7 years. After this time the income is money in your bank and the reduced electricity saving.


Do I need to let my electricity supplier know I have Solar Panels fitted?

Yes as they will be providing the FIT payments.


How long does the installation take?

Standard domestic installation can be between 2-4 days.


Do I need planning permission?

Not usually but if you live in an area of conservation or your property it’s always worth checking.


Do I need to inform building control?

Yes it’s a good idea to let them know what you are planning to have installed then they will advise if you need to do anything further. Follow this link to the building control website for further information.


What is an EPC?

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate this shows how energy efficient your property is. To achieve the maximum FIT payment the property must be a band D or above.


What happens if there is a power cut?

The Solar PV System will not generate if there is a power cut, it will automatically shut down to protect the system.


Can I store my electricity?

You can only store electricity through battery backups the solar system will not store electricity generated. If you require to store your electricity contact us and we can discuss the best option for you.


Can I buy a system and install it myself?

Yes you can but you will not be able to claim the FIT as the system will have to be signed off by an MCS Accredited Installer. SJD is accredited through the MCS scheme and are audited annually.

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