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What Is the Feed In Tariff from Solar Panels?         

What is the FIT (Feed in Tariff Scheme) ?

The Feed in Tariff is a government backed scheme which pays you tax free money from the electricity your system generates.


How much is paid?

Here are the current rates from Ofgem see their website for further details.


How long is the tariffs paid for?

The current timescale is 20 years


Does the tariff ever increase?

Technically No but your tariff is index linked so it will increase slightly each year. Whilst the government might reduce the tariff’s they cannot reduced yours once you have signed up.


How long does it take to repay my installation?

The average payback time is 5-8 years depending on your system size, the orientation of your panels, roof space etc


How do I apply for the Feed in Tariff?

If you contact your current electricity supplier they will issue you a FIT claim form. If your unsure of anything on the form let us know we will be more than happy to help.


How do I receive my FIT payments?

The payments are paid from your existing electricity supplier. You have to submit the solar meter reading usually each quater then will then send you a cheque or deduct the amount from your current bill.


Why might I not be able to claim the FIT?

If your property does not achieve a band D on the energy performance certificate, you will not be entitled to claim the FIT. An EPC must be supplied to your electricity supplier to claim the FIT.


Can SJD help me achieve a band D?

Yes we can provide advice and guidance on how to increase your energy rating.

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